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English Via Galactica

Last three issues

You're on main English page of first Croatian SF, fantasy and horror e-zine
Via Galactica.

We're in position to translate just a little bit of content, so we decided to put on this page, as short guided tour through our site - what is where, and what means what:

Intro - announcements, awards, webmaster's thoughts, comments, etc...
Vijesti - SF news from world and Croatia, science, sorcery, gossip (homepage)...
Novi broj - current (new) issue of Via Galactica
Stari brojevi - previous issues (allmost all on-line, old layout 'till issue nr. 9)
Gaia - general information about our SF/fantasy club "Gaia", members, Statute... (partially translated, pretty old)
EsseKon - our annual SF convention (partially translated, very old)
Linkovi - links, SF authors, archives, on-line magazines, Croatian SF...
Samo tekst - text-only version (not maintained any more since issue nr. 10)

And we got some...

Latest SFcrowsnest News:


Still here! :-)



Writer's FAQ

Translated texts:

Interview with Mihaela Velina - read what editor of Futura, only Croatian SF semiprozine, have to say about our SF scene
NOSF (3) - a regular column from issue nr. 7
A glimpse of Croatian SF fandom - another article, made for one Czech SF e-zine
The Highway Quarrel - short SF story

Original poems and stories (in English:
Allan Cole: Wizard of the Winds (novel's chapter one, Via Galactica #7)
Ian D. Sims: Surprise Galore (short story, Via Galactica #8)
Lisa J. Du Mond: Darkers (novel's chapter one, Via Galactica #9)
Robert J. Sawyer - Old Times (Via Galactica #10)
Bruce Bethke: Cyberpunk (Via Galactica #10)
L. M. Lohr & M. S. Raper: three SF poems (Via Galactica #11)
Vanessa Hawksworth: Buried Alive (short story, Via Galactica #11)
Kenneth G. Brosky: Jack Frost (short story, Via Galactica #11)
Vanessa Hawksworth: For The Love Of Blood (short story, Via Galactica #12)
Iain Darby: Teenage Alien (short story, Via Galactica #12)
Iain Darby: Carrier (short story, Via Galactica #14)
Kevin L. Donihe: Overriding The Mainframe (short story, Via Galactica #14)
C. C. Parker: Lines (short story, Via Galactica #14)
Christaian Westerlund: Autumn (short story, Via Galactica #14)
L. M. Lohr: Ghost on the Old Roman Road (short story, Via Galactica #14)
Shawn James: Mawallace (poem, Via Galactica #14)
Kenny Love: To Sleep, I Dread (short story, Via Galactica #14)
Myth Spinner: Blood Experiments (short story, Via Galactica #14)
Michael Haulica: Neverly Hills (Biotronic Action Hero) (short story, Via Galactica #14)