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EsseKon: welcome to Osijek, Croatia!

EsseKon is the only SF, fantasy and horror convention ever organized in Slavonia (eastern part of Croatia) in it's capital city of Osijek. It was organized by "Gaia", one of Croatian SF-clubs, and last year, for the second time, EsseKon took place during last weekend of october (23 - 25. 10. 1998.). You still can look at some info around here.
First EsseKon was organized in summer of 1997, and succeeded pretty well in our opinion - a lots of nice people, cheap but good food and drinks, video-program, movies, some panels, computor games tournaments, and a lot of friendly chat and plain mingling. Last year, EsseKon 2 was a great and fulfilling success - pretty same program in general, but more than 200 people, well-known guests, visitors from all around Croatia, and one foreign guest, a brave fan from Czech republic. We'll do even better this year!

Come to EsseKon 3!




Here you can find:

What is EsseKon?

Program E2

Guests E2

"Gaia" awards

Photos E2! :-)