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NO SF (3)

Davor's mascot(Via Galactica #7, february 1998, translation: Tatjana Iveges)

NO SF is a regular column of Davor Banovic, one of our previous editors.

Enthusiasm is a great thing. Here for example, since Kruno and Igor took over editory of our fanzine, it’s moving full steam ahead. They’re asking for aritcles. Promising “Via Galactica” nr.7 in February. Let’s make a little experiment! If you read this article in February give all my respects to two of them. By the way, first three issues of “VG”, Kristek and myself with collaborators succeeded to publish within, I think, four months. I think that the editor should be changed often (editors, that is - here in “Gaia” it’s all team work). A subject to think about: Kruno thinks that editor of the fanzine (in this case “VG” fanzine) is some kind of title, and that editory of the fanzine are working all together, democratically.

By the way, that same person wants to do an interview with Mihaela Velina for “VG” 7. He asks what should we ask her. I say to him to ask her what he wants, and he says he wants it all democratically. It didn’t come to me to ask her in what way would taxes influence the price of “Futura”.

“Kutikon” happened again. I wasn’t there again. Tatjana’s writing a report, and there will be some photos if she gets them well. I’ve overheard something of her quarrel with Sale Kristek about his and Kruno’s speech about “Essekon ‘97” at “Kutikon”. It seems that they forgot to mention some key people. And I wasn’t there so I don’t know. Let’s leave it there on the level of gossip.

Our president Sale Kristek has resigned from this vital function. I don’t know who’s our president now.

I’ve read an article from an old (I mean ex) president of old “Gea” in the last issue of “Via Galactica”. They were more conferencing, and we’re more partying. I can’t believe all of them were paying their membership fees. When I think of it, it explains the fact that Igor (who was the member of the old “Gea” too) collected the money to print “VG” number 6 in no time, and there were even some leftovers for nr.7. As you can see, new taxes didn’t have the influence on the price of our fanzine.

Michael Halliday from Lincoln, UK, promised to come to “Essekon ‘98” to sell books. If he doesn’t, shame on him. There will be more fanzines before “Essekon ‘98”. In them I will be writing more about that significant happening.

And that’s it!



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